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Byakko Shotokan Karate Association is based in North Yorkshire with The Karate Dojo – Ripon being the HQ Dojo. Alongside our Ripon club we also have The Karate Dojo – Thirsk, The Karate Dojo – Boroughbridge and The Karate Dojo – Catterick Garrison. Further south we have member clubs in Southend, Chelmsford, Brentwood and London. The style of karate practiced at all of these Dojo’s is Shotokan – the most practiced style of karate in the world.

BSKA Chief Instructor – Sensei Ady Gray 6th Dan

Ady Gray is a familiar face around Ripon, having taught here for over 23 years, but did you realise how well known and respected our Chief Karate Instructor is in the UK?

Ady Gray started training in karate in 1978 when he was just 7 years old. He was graded to black belt, 1st Dan in 1985, by Sensei Asano, 9th Dan. He has trained in Europe and Japan and on 20th May 2017, Ady was awarded his 6th Dan (Rokudan), from, Sensei Dave Hazard, 7th Dan. In 2004 Ady was awarded Sports Coach of the Year for North Yorkshire. In 2010 he was invited to be the Assistant National Kata Coach by Sensei Wayne Otto, and in 2014 Ady went to the World Championships as the England National Kata Coach.

In recognition of the high standards of Shotokan Karate taught throughout his Byakko Shotokan Karate Association clubs, Ady writes a monthly column , ‘Back to Basics’ for Ippon Karate Magazine. He has also been interviewed by prestigious international karate magazine, ‘Traditional Karate’. An in depth insight into his life and achievements was then published, a true honour for Ady.

In November 2018, Ady was the winner of the UK’s Children’s Coach of the Year @ The #UKCoachingAwards. A prestigious coaching award with over 3 million coaches in the UK, acknowledges the achievements of the very finest coaches in the UK.

13th August 2019 Sensei Ady was appointed the England Head Kata Coach and will lead the England national team for the next 4 years.

Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan

BSKA Technical Advisor

Sensei Ady Gray 6th Dan

BSKA Chief Instructor

Sensei Colin Smith 5th Dan

BSKA Senior Instructor

Sensi John Gardiner 3rd Dan

JKG Senior Instructor

Sensei Angela Cashmore 2nd Dan

BSKA Instructor

Sensei Paul Steel 2nd Dan

BSKA Instructor

Sensei Terry Cawood 2nd Dan

BSKA Instructor

Sensei Georgia Robson 2nd Dan

BSKA Instructor

Sensei Helen Marsh 2nd Dan

JKG Instructor

Sensei Thomas Cullen 1st Dan

BSKA Instructor