Karate Tigers

Karate Tigers introduces the key elements of karate through fun activities that appeal to children aged between 4 and 6.

Our aim is to instil confidence, self discipline, team work and perseverance in an engaging and enjoyable way.

The Tigers classes are charged on a half term basis £7 per class

Karate Tiger Sessions are held on Mondays & Thursdays 4.30 – 5.15pm


Karate is great for social, physical and mental development, giving kids essential skills that can be used in all areas of their lives.


Children can discover the benefits of teamwork, from learning how to communicate effectively to the importance of sharing and co-operation.


Martial arts is not only great for physical and mental health but instils healthy habits that will stay with your child for life.

Our Karate Tigers classes help kids develop a range of skills that improve their physical fitness and create a positive mental attitude. We aim to give children the confidence and self-control they need to be able to set their goals high and persevere to achieve them. 

All our kids are given the space and freedom to develop at their own pace and, most importantly, keep having fun while doing so.


Not at all! We provide a warm welcome for kids of all abilities, from beginners through to those with more experience. Our ethos of team working means everyone looks out for each other, with somebody always on hand to offer guidance and support to newcomers.

While we do teach fundamentals such as focus and self control, we also have lots of fun. Our aim is to make our classes inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, and to create positive experiences for everyone on our karate programmes.

No, we welcome boys and girls of all fitness levels, with a focus on having fun and developing at a pace that suits your fitness and abilities.

While karate involves an element of self-defence and our classes do include some sparring drills, we discourage our students to view it as ‘fighting’. As with any sport, there is the potential for injury but our instructors are well trained to ensure that everyone learns safely and at their own pace.

For safety reasons and to help establish independence and confidence among the kids in our classes, we do not allow parents and carers to watch the sessions. However, we have a live link to a screen in the waiting area that you are welcome to view. Or why not consider joining in? We run Family Classes where you can take part in our karate classes with your child.

We offer month-to-month memberships, as well as savings on longer plans.