Kata Training Camp day 3
An excellent last day of the Kata training camp. 
After breakfast the team had great fun team building in the private pool. Water polo was the chosen event. dubious rules and dodgy refereeing were on show with VAR not in operation. I was really impressed to see how the team had gelled and developed a brilliant team spirit
It was then back to the dojo for the last training sessions.  After the warm up the team carried out bag and impact work. A Kata performance must show that it will work and therefore be believable. The body mechanics of the kata must be relevant when striking for real and vice versus. 
The team then finished the 3 day intense training camp with a deep stretch, breath work and meditation with Nicola Priest from Exhale Yoga Studio which the all requested. 
The training camp ended with a leisurely walk back to the accommodation for a final de-brief and lunch to end the training camp. 
Tired athletes, tired coaches . 3 days of intense training, preparations and laughs.